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Customize the bot behavior when no intent is triggered

The bot triggers corresponding topics based on the user’s input. If the bot can’t determine the user’s intent, it will prompt for a topic again. After two prompts, the bot will escalate to a live agent.

On some occasions, you may want to customize the bot behavior when no intent is triggered. For example like searching knowledge base articles or routing to existing bot services. This can be achieved by adding the System Fallback Topic from Settings. 

Once the System Fallback Topic is added, you can find it alongside with other system topics in your topic list. You can edit it just like you can edit other system topics — add or remove nodes, redirect to other topics, call services using Power Automate or Bot Framework Skills. There’s a {x} UnrecognizedTriggerPhrase variable in the topic which carries the last user utterance. It can be used as a context when calling other services.

You can find more information about System Fallback Topic here.