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Power Virtual Agents Learning Resources

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to create a list of Power Virtual Agents Learning materials that could easily be bookmarked and referred to anytime. I will try to categorize the materials in a few different ways to better help you get to what you need.


Getting Started With Power Virtual Agents


What is Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents Overview with Emma Archer, GPM

Microsoft Learn Modules

Introduction to Power Virtual Agents

How to build a Basic Chatbot

Tutorial Videos

Create a Free Virtual Agent in Microsoft Teams

Understanding Topics

Entities & Slot Filling

Community Video Gallery

Where to get help

Join the Power Virtual Agents Community

View Documentation

Interact with #BotSquad on Twitter

Bot Sharing Gallery

View the blog


Intermediate Power Virtual Agents Material


Microsoft Learn Modules

Enhance & Extend PVA Bots

Managing Bots

Tutorial Videos

Intermediate Overview

Adding Auth to your Virtual Agents

Adding Sentiment Analysis

Using a “One Time Password” with PVA

Using Fallback to handle Translating bot responses

Power Virtual Agent Tutorials w/Kent Weare

View the Power Platform Community Conference

Watch PoPCC On-Demand

Download and go through PVA In a Day

Download the package


Advanced Power Virtual Agents Material


Video Tutorials

Watch the Build-A-Bot Patterns and Practice show


Community Power Virtual Agents Channels


Tomasz Poszytek – Tomasz Poszytek – YouTube

Lisa Crosbie – Lisa Crosbie – YouTube

Renato Romao – Renato Romão – YouTube

Prashant Shukla – DIY D365 by Prashant – YouTube

Reza Dorrani – Reza Dorrani – YouTube

Jon Levesque – Jon Levesque – YouTube

Kent Weare – Kent Weare – YouTube

Matt Collins Jones – Matt Collins-Jones – YouTube

Dhruvin Shah – Dhruvin Shah – YouTube

Eric Sauve – ZePowerDiver – YouTube


If you would like your community resources added to the list, please comment below!