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Use Power Virtual Agents Connector to build Power Automate flows for your bot

A new Power Virtual Agents Connector – a special no-code, UI-based Power Automate Connector, designed to create flows for Power Virtual Agents, is now available for Power Virtual Agents users in all regions.

This Power Virtual Agents Connector provides a convenient UI interface for flow input and output parameters and eliminates the need to hand-craft JSON schema in Power Automate flows.

Note that the flows currently using HTTP Request/Response Connector will continue working with Power Virtual Agents.

The recommended way of creating Power Automate flows for bots is by using an option provided in the Power Virtual Agents authoring canvas. To create a new flow, select Call an action option in your topic dialog, and then select Create a flow to open a Power Virtual Agents flow template on Power Automate portal in a separate browser tab:

The Power Virtual Agents Flow Template on Power Automate portal has been updated with new Power Virtual Agents Connector instead of the HTTP Request/Response Connector requiring JSON coding:

To define input and output parameters that your flow expects to exchange with the bot, use Add an input and Add an output buttons and select among the available parameter types. The supported types for input and output parameters are String, Boolean, and Number:

Click on the corresponding icons to add input and output parameters to your Power Automate flow and give them a name.

Note that the text fields right next to the inputs are to be used for (optional) description of the parameters and not to enter the parameter values; the values for parameters will be provided by the bot:

Enter the (optional) descriptions for the input parameters and add the values for the outputs (required), and Save your flow:

Add your new flow to a Solution of your choice by using the Add existing flow option and selecting your flow in the list of flows under Outside solutions:

Once your new flow is added to a Solution, it is available for a Power Virtual Agents bot to use. Choose Call an action node to see it in the list of available flows in your bot:

For more information on Power Virtual Agents Connector for Power Automate flows, please refer to Add actions to a bot using Power Automate documentation.