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Improve performance of your bots using the built-in analytics

The journey to creating effective bots is an iterative process. After you’ve built and published your bot, and your users start to engage with the bot, you can analyze the bot and customer conversations to better understand how topics are performing, what’s impacting your customer satisfaction (CSAT), and where there is room for improvement.

Watch a quick overview of the built-in analytics below.

Dive deeper

Each of the available metrics in the built-in dashboard has been deliberately selected by the team behind Power Virtual Agents to help you improve your bots. To learn more about the metrics, visit aka.ms/PVA/Analytics or watch the deep dive video below.

We’d love to hear your feedback. Please visit our community forum at https://aka.ms/PowerVirtualAgentsForum and share your feedback.

And submit your idea requests at https://aka.ms/PowerVirtualAgentsIdeas.